Thursday, October 1, 2009

Disney Vacation

This was our 3rd september in a row taking a vacation to Walt Disney World. They offer a free dining package every september and we love taking advantage of it!

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort for the 2nd time. It had been refurbished since the last time we were there in 2007

Let me just say WE LOVE THIS HOTEL! the news kids pool is a giant interactive pirate ship my son loved it! It is deep enough for them to have fun but shallow enough that as a parent you can sit back and watch them have fun!

This year was the best year yet in the way SJ interacted with the characters and the way he took it all in.

Meeting the big cheese! AFter we got home we found out we may never see Mickey and Minnies house in toontown anymore as they are totally redoing that area!

AT hollywood studios we met Handy Manny.

My little man turned into a Jr. Photographer he was so cute!

To Infinity and beyond!

As we arrived!

Hmmm cant rotate this but SJ recieved a haircut at the main street barbershop! What a great haircut!

Wendi was the best character interaction of the trip. We were a bit disappointed that Peter got sent away to check on neverland but still waited to meet Wendi. She made SJ a lost boy and made him pinky swear to never grow up. So sweet!
SJ was a little hesitant of meeting Captain Hook but Hook was fantastic and found a way to ease his fears. He ended up hugging him and now he wants to be Captain hook for halloween.

Sj was mesmorized by the size of Mr. Incredibles muscles!