Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Fun for Kids

Both Lowes and Home Depot do free kid clinics. I love taking my oldest to these. It teaches them how to build things and is fun. 
The first Saturday of everymonth is Home Depots Clinic. At my Home Depot the kids get an apron, a pin, a project and cookies and a drink when they are done. I suggest wearing something you dont mind getting dirty as most of the clinics I have gone to have paint.
Last month he built a bug catcher..

Im not really sure of Lowes schedule it use to be everyother week but it seems to be more spuratic lately. These kits have been themed around popular kid movies lately. Last week was a push a go Turbo, probably one of my sons favorite things he made. Lowes you have to pre register at lowesbuildandgrow.com Next week is the taco truck from Turbo. The kit at Lowes includes an apron, iron on patch, goggles and they kit to build. No paint has ever been used at any of the clinics I have gone too. 

Watch out world

My youngest learned how to drive his brothers four wheeler!