Friday, May 29, 2009

Treasure Coast Childrens Museum

Today we finally got to the Treasure Coast Children's Museum. I heard about this place way before SJ was born, I was working at a preschool and thought it would be an awesome place and hoped it would be finished by the time I had a child to take there. well I got my wish it has been open for about a year. EEK why Have we not gone yet? Well we called our favorite friends and asked them if they wanted to go with us. The kids had a ball!

The favorite was the child size grocery store. Both the boys enjoyed getting a shopping cart and picking out all there favorite foods then ringing them up. SJ even bagged his!

SJ went into a house where you could build a house with blocks and he got looking at the pictures and building really well for about 5 min then he remembered his best friend was with us and ran off to find him. They also had these huge blocks that you could make a house big enough for children to fit in. He had no interest in that yet

There was also a bike that you could peddle and while you peddled a skeleton peddled at the same time, SJ didn't understand that was what his bones looked like but still thought it was very cool.

They had a firetruck that both boys loved to drive and ring the bell (why did I show him that) Neither of them would dress up in any of the dress up clothes they had there so me and my friend did. LOL

All in all the boys had a FANTASTIC time! I definitely think we will be revisiting this summer. There are great water fountains next door so next trip we will include those also.

Sitting at the Kitchen Bar

When we moved into this house there was a window in this opening a much smaller window we never could figure out why there would be a window from the kitchen to dining room and not just open so when it was time to remodel the kitchen we knew we were going to get rid of the ugly old window and put a much bigger opening with a bar top.

As soon as it went in I had visions of SJ sitting there doing his homework while I cooked dinner. I got my 1st glimpse of this last night when I dragged a bar stool out of DH's man cave and let SJ sit up there and paint. We had great conversation while I was getting stuff done and he was having fun painting. Lets hope when the time comes and he actually has homework it will be as easy to get him up there.

Mulberry Muffins

We have a mulberry tree outside that has been so full lately that I had to find something to make with them. Dh and SJ eat them while they are outside but I am not found of them. I did some research online and found a mulberry muffin recipe. It was full of brown sugar and Cinnamon. How could you go wrong right?

So my favorite little helper went and picked me some mulberries and then came inside and helped me make the muffins. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the baked product but let me tell you they were the most delicious muffins I have ever had! Definitely will be making them again. Well unless i lose the recipe which is very likely.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being Frugal!

I have had a new obession take over all my time. I have started deal hunting! Oh man what great deals there are to be found! It is time consuming to cut coupons, match sales, etc but so worth it!

Last night I stayed up late matching coupons to deals at my local supermarkets. Well I went to publix and this is what i got..

Total paid out of pocket: $19.58

My total savings 57.61!! That is a savings of almost 80% how awesome is that!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cool Blog to check out

Imagine That is formerly named Everything Cricut. They are a great blog for cricut owners! Right now they have some awesome blog candy you could win a cricut solutions cartridge or a Joannes GC! check them out here

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A very scrappy mothers day

With Steven taking care of SJ and the household duties today, I had plenty of time to scrap! Here is what I got done.

Happy Mothers Day

Hope all my fellow mommies have a great day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

3 new Layouts!
I have been feeling scrappy

This was a lift of my friend Kristins in a tag challenge from another board. I love the way it turned out.
This is an Andrea sketch check out her blog for great sketches and awsome challenges.

This is a scraplift of my friends Shannas I even used the same PP
check out her blog for some great inspiration.

THanks for stopping by!

Who doesnt love saving money

today I have been on a mission, I have been reading blogs and looking over sales ads to match up the best sales with the best coupons.
Well I found on my friend Julias blog she is giving away a book called
10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget
How cool is that. All you have to do is go to her blog and leave a comment, there are opportunities for extra entries also. Go check her out!
Hope everyone printed out thier free KFC coupons that is what if for dinner at my house tonight! Thanks Oprah and KFC!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A mothers day blog hop

Join us on another blog hop! This time its all about mothers!

Here are some cards I made for the moms in my life

They are simple but pretty and all from scraps!

Here are some of my favorite "mom LO's"

Me and my son

Mothers day at the beach 2008

Me my mom and my son the quote says

Mothers and daughters become closer when daughters become mothers.

Now hop on over to Ericas blog and see what she came up with!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RTTC Week 4

The challenge

Symmetry & MonochromaticMake a symmetrical LO that is also monochromatic. (monochromatic means only 1 color, no black, no white etc.... ) (Your photo is the only thing that can have color other then the color of choice in your monochromatic)Your LO must include the following:
Technique - Stamping (Be creative!!)
Elements - Brads & Ribbon must be used

Well i finished my LO then went to enter it and I had forgotten you had to stamp! EEK so I looked and looked and looked at where to stamp. So I put 3 lame stars on the ribbon then an idea hit me!

I got a background stamp and stamped embossing glue on my letters of my title then heat embossed them blue! I love the way the title turned out!

Here is the LO

here is my score 41

Way better than I expected but i followed the rules :)

here are the judges comments

like how you stamped on the ribbon! Also, great use of symmetry, even your pictures are symmetrical!
I love the stamping and embossing on the letters of the title! This LO is balanced really well, and I like that using b&w for the center pic draws the attention, and reduces attention on the clutter in the background of the pic. I think that a closer crop would have been better for your center and right pics, but that probably also would have thrown off the balance you were going for. I think that your LO would be a little stronger without the flowers in the top corners, just letting both the top and bottom edges be "white space" and all the detail in the center. Love the texture of the background cardstock, adding detail to that white space. Good job!
like the stamping on the ribbon....good idea
Love how you embossed the letters on the title. I think the stars stamped on the ribbon look a bit sloppy…like they need to be stamped again with more ink. Good job with the monochromatic!