Friday, May 29, 2009

Treasure Coast Childrens Museum

Today we finally got to the Treasure Coast Children's Museum. I heard about this place way before SJ was born, I was working at a preschool and thought it would be an awesome place and hoped it would be finished by the time I had a child to take there. well I got my wish it has been open for about a year. EEK why Have we not gone yet? Well we called our favorite friends and asked them if they wanted to go with us. The kids had a ball!

The favorite was the child size grocery store. Both the boys enjoyed getting a shopping cart and picking out all there favorite foods then ringing them up. SJ even bagged his!

SJ went into a house where you could build a house with blocks and he got looking at the pictures and building really well for about 5 min then he remembered his best friend was with us and ran off to find him. They also had these huge blocks that you could make a house big enough for children to fit in. He had no interest in that yet

There was also a bike that you could peddle and while you peddled a skeleton peddled at the same time, SJ didn't understand that was what his bones looked like but still thought it was very cool.

They had a firetruck that both boys loved to drive and ring the bell (why did I show him that) Neither of them would dress up in any of the dress up clothes they had there so me and my friend did. LOL

All in all the boys had a FANTASTIC time! I definitely think we will be revisiting this summer. There are great water fountains next door so next trip we will include those also.

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