Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RTTC Week 4

The challenge

Symmetry & MonochromaticMake a symmetrical LO that is also monochromatic. (monochromatic means only 1 color, no black, no white etc.... ) (Your photo is the only thing that can have color other then the color of choice in your monochromatic)Your LO must include the following:
Technique - Stamping (Be creative!!)
Elements - Brads & Ribbon must be used

Well i finished my LO then went to enter it and I had forgotten you had to stamp! EEK so I looked and looked and looked at where to stamp. So I put 3 lame stars on the ribbon then an idea hit me!

I got a background stamp and stamped embossing glue on my letters of my title then heat embossed them blue! I love the way the title turned out!

Here is the LO

here is my score 41

Way better than I expected but i followed the rules :)

here are the judges comments

like how you stamped on the ribbon! Also, great use of symmetry, even your pictures are symmetrical!
I love the stamping and embossing on the letters of the title! This LO is balanced really well, and I like that using b&w for the center pic draws the attention, and reduces attention on the clutter in the background of the pic. I think that a closer crop would have been better for your center and right pics, but that probably also would have thrown off the balance you were going for. I think that your LO would be a little stronger without the flowers in the top corners, just letting both the top and bottom edges be "white space" and all the detail in the center. Love the texture of the background cardstock, adding detail to that white space. Good job!
like the stamping on the ribbon....good idea
Love how you embossed the letters on the title. I think the stars stamped on the ribbon look a bit sloppy…like they need to be stamped again with more ink. Good job with the monochromatic!