Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mary Kay

I was so excited to get the Mary Kay VoxBox from Influenster! I had been to a Mary Kay party a time or two when i was in my 20's but  I wasnt really that into makeup back then. Now I feel naked if I leave the house without it. 
This is what came in the box. I will admit I have no idea what to do with Bronzing powder... Luckily I went to the Mary Kay site and found this: “For an all-over glow, apply bronzer in the shape of a ‘3’ – tracing on both sides along the hairline, under the cheekbones and along the jawlines.” – Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Diana Carreiro
I still have not been brave enough to try it... 

When I opened the eyeliner I thought ummm NO just NO but wanted to try it. I FELL IN LOVE! The brush makes it so easy to apply a nice thin line or a thick line. It even makes a cat eye much easier. the best part it doesn't go anywhere!

My favorites of the box were the eyeliner and the lip gloss the two things I didnt think I would like much. The blush is very strong you dont have to apply much to get the desired color. the eyecolor was not the right color for me, but the product itself was creamy and easy to apply. The mascara made my lashes super long and defined.
I definitely like all the products and was impressed with the quality of Mary Kay.
Here I am with all the products on :)
Thanks again Influesnter and Mary Kay! 

A toddler and Pinterest

My Son Alex is almost 17 months old and wants to be entertained with something new and fun all the time. Buying him new toys every week is not happening so I started searching Pinterest. I found a great pin 100 things you can purchase from the dollar tree and use in play. I thought hell I can afford the dollar tree. The first thing that caught my eye was sensory bags so off to dollar tree we went.
Im not thrilled with the way they turned out. The smaller one scares me because its an off name bag and it doesn't seem strong... I also dont like the blue, but who knows maybe Alex will like searching for the snakes in the blue.

I used the bigger quart size on the clear one because the plastic seemed thicker but I only had one bottle for hair-gel and it really could have used two. I taped it down to the size of a sandwich bag, the back is ugly but the front looks fun.

Alex will be up from his nap soon so we will see how he likes them. Hoping they are a hit and I can put them in his diaper bag for restaurants, dr visits, etc...

Two bags cost me under $4.00  next ones i will use the bigger quart size bags but double the amount of hairgel.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life with a toddler.

Life with a toddler is always fun, Alex is 16 months old and I'm always searching Pinterest, reading blogs, getting books on activities to do with him. Lately he has been obsessed with breaking into the craft closet and getting the pipe cleaners out. 
I remembered this awesome idea I saw on Pinterest and Alex loved it! 
Best part was it was free and kept him happy for a good 15 minutes! I was able to unload the dishwasher in peace. 

Alex decided these shoes should be worn today for my morning chores. He slide them on my feet and cautiously watched me walk around the house. When I couldn't take it anymore I took them off, Alex was right there as soon as he found them wanting me to put my shhhhhhmoooo on 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goodbye baseball

Today was the last day of my oldest sons baseball season, it was a long season with a lot of ups and downs. 
My son played first base and was awesome, today he made an awesome double play. This season he hit a grand slam and 3 other home runs, he works hard and practices on his own his father and I couldn't be prouder. 
Next year he moves up to kid pitch. 
Now to find a summer sport to sign my athlete up for...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Halloween in May?

I was going to type, I can't believe I have not posted a picture of the adorable costume I made. The truth though is I can believe it with two kids, and a small business life tends to get busy and thingslike my poor blog get neglected. 
Somehow in my crazy life I did finish Alex's costume and it was freaking adorable! 

I entered him into a costume contest at our favorite local resturant and he won, maybe I should have entered him in a few more 😉