Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A toddler and Pinterest

My Son Alex is almost 17 months old and wants to be entertained with something new and fun all the time. Buying him new toys every week is not happening so I started searching Pinterest. I found a great pin 100 things you can purchase from the dollar tree and use in play. I thought hell I can afford the dollar tree. The first thing that caught my eye was sensory bags so off to dollar tree we went.
Im not thrilled with the way they turned out. The smaller one scares me because its an off name bag and it doesn't seem strong... I also dont like the blue, but who knows maybe Alex will like searching for the snakes in the blue.

I used the bigger quart size on the clear one because the plastic seemed thicker but I only had one bottle for hair-gel and it really could have used two. I taped it down to the size of a sandwich bag, the back is ugly but the front looks fun.

Alex will be up from his nap soon so we will see how he likes them. Hoping they are a hit and I can put them in his diaper bag for restaurants, dr visits, etc...

Two bags cost me under $4.00  next ones i will use the bigger quart size bags but double the amount of hairgel.

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