Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my crafty boy

SJ is at an age where he is loving learning and crafts then the other day it dawned on me that he is the age of the children I use to teach. So off went my DH into our attic to find my old teaching supplies. I found all my old lesson plans and tons of books! here are some of the things we did for st. patricks day.
Made Green apple ice pops
Painted a cool dinosaur piggy bank Green, he is so into money right now so might as well teach him how to save it.
Making shamrocks, love how intense he is putting the glitter on.


roxybonds said...

super cute :)

Margaret (mauriac) said...

I'm blog hopping today! :)

He looks like he had so much fun! I always try to make St. Patrick's Day special (seeing that my son is named Patrick, lol)... I'm definitely going to have to make the green pops next year!