Sunday, April 19, 2009

SJs week

WE did some fun things this week, we made a Caterpillar after reading

The very hungry Caterpillar! SJ loved learning how it turned into a butterfly

Then on Saturday we went to an Earth Day celebration where they had a booth set up on how to attract butterflies to your garden well they showed SJ a tiny egg on a leaf and a Caterpillar that was eating and eating and eating getting ready to become a butterfly it was great for him to get to see it for himself. It amazes me how much he wants to learn right now.

There was also a bird rescue booth, SJs favorite was this owl. There was an American bold eagle there with a broken wing that SJ noticed right away and so he asked the lady what happened, after he found out, he told everyone that day he was truly worried about the bird it was cute.

He made this great mask

He also made an awesome bird feeder from a pine cone, peanut butter and bird seed

We also got our picture taken with this HUGE snake, I am not a fan of snakes but when your son says PALEASE MOMMY you do it. They had its head by me and it kept sticking out its tongue and i was freaked out so i let its head go down my back, not great for a picture but made me more comfortable. I look horrid, no make up still have lots of lbs to lose but here is the pic.


Julia said...

awesome pics!!! ewww on the snake

~Erica~ said...

He is sooooo cute and that snake is soooo gross! Your a better momma than me!LOL!