Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter C

The last 2 days we have concentrated on the letter Cc

We made a Crab out of a C just like over at Totally Tots. We have been hanging these on his wall in his room and going over them every day. He loves adding new ones.

We made our C page for our alphabet book, 1st he glued the C's to construction paper.

then we made Colorful Car tracks on the Cc's
This was definitely one of SJ's favorite activities so far.

Today we went to the beach and we practiced drawing the letters we have learned in the sand. I'm not sure why but he cant seem to remember what an A is he keeps calling it L but if I ask him what A says he knows and can think of things that start with the sound. He knows most of the end of the alphabet so those will be easy for him hopefully these will click soon.

Tomorrow we start D.

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