Friday, July 23, 2010

RIP Tonka

yesterday my sweet doggie Tonka passed away. She was 13 years old and her health has been failing for a long time. We knew the end was near. She must have waited for me and SJ to get home from out trip to pass.
When I met baby daddy he already had Tonka she was about a year old. She ate EVERYTHING! The trim on the house, shoes, hats, even the bottle of spray that was suppose to make her stop eating thing. Once we discovered she had eaten a few lightbulbs. Looking back it was probably a miracle she lived to be 13.
When SJ was born she was 9 years old an I will be honest we were a bit concerned on how she would act with him. That was a silly worry because from the moment SJ came home she was his dog. She would always lay by him. When he would spit up she was right there to clean it up. They really became best friends when he started eating and dropping table food.
Over the past year Tonka's health has really been failing. Her back legs failed and in the end we were carrying her outside. She never cried or growled at or to us. We always said we wanted her to die naturally and at home since our big mean dog hated the car and other animals.
I hope she knew how much we loved her and how empty our house feels without her.
Here are some of my favorite picture of her.

Our family before SJ. Yes I put antlers on my dog.

One of the many beds I made for Tonka

Our 1st family photo. SJ was about a month old.My absolute favorite picture of Tonka and SJ

Just a few weeks ago.

RIP Tonka you were the best dog we could have asked for.
You will be missed so very much

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