Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MMMM Brownies Winner

I used Random.org and the lucky number was 6 making Lori the winner! Congrats!! Enjoy your prize from myblogspark.com and pillsbury

Monday, June 21, 2010

MMMMM Brownies giveaway

Myblogspark and Pillsbury sent me a gift certificate to try out these new brownies at Sams Club. They are delicious! I decided to pick some up for fathers day and decorate them with some icing.

From myblogspark and Pillsbury:

With a taste as delicious and authentic as if you baked them at home, Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies are a blend of 3 types of cocoas with real chocolate syrup and milk chocolate chunks to make a delicious fudgy brownie—they’re the perfect solution when you’re pressed for time. Add personal flair to these already-baked brownies with your own decorations, frosting, caramel or powdered sugar! With a straight-out-of-the-oven flavor without the time or clean-up, Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies are a great treat for any occasion!

In addition, when purchasing Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies at Sam’s Club, you have the chance to support your local school with Box Tops for Education. Each package of Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies has 6 Bonus Box Tops that can be redeemed to earn cash for the K-8 school of your choice.

Do you want to win the awesome prize pack they sent me?

I thought so all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what occasion you think these brownies would be perfect for. Make sure you leave your email address to so I know how to get ahold of you.

I will pick one random winner on Monday June 28th. Good Luck!

*gift packs were all given to me from Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A fathers day page

With Fathers day approaching fast, i decided to finally scrap last years pictures. I spent all day making these, they are vanilla cupcakes for the bun, a brownie burger, coconut for the lettuce and icing for mustard and katchup. I also made fries our of sugar cookies to go with them. This idea was not original I found it on a blog last year. I asked baby daddy if he wanted me to make them again and he said no beacause they were too delicious and he is trying to watch his waistline. LOL
* i used a sketch from acherryontops june contest for this LO*

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter C

The last 2 days we have concentrated on the letter Cc

We made a Crab out of a C just like over at Totally Tots. We have been hanging these on his wall in his room and going over them every day. He loves adding new ones.

We made our C page for our alphabet book, 1st he glued the C's to construction paper.

then we made Colorful Car tracks on the Cc's
This was definitely one of SJ's favorite activities so far.

Today we went to the beach and we practiced drawing the letters we have learned in the sand. I'm not sure why but he cant seem to remember what an A is he keeps calling it L but if I ask him what A says he knows and can think of things that start with the sound. He knows most of the end of the alphabet so those will be easy for him hopefully these will click soon.

Tomorrow we start D.

also I have a sweet giveaway coming up, keep checking back.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finishing up A and B from last week

Last week we finished learning about A and B.

We made Ants on a log for snack

started our alphabet book. These are Ants marching all the way up there to the airplane.

We also worked on B last week, SJ knew B allready so I didnt spend as much time on it.
We made a bumblebee out of a B

We also made our B page for our book.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letters of the Week Summer School

Some friends of mine and I decided to put together a little summeralphabet learning fun for our 4 year olds.

We stared this week with A and B.

this was the 1st time he ever stayed in the lines.

I found this great website Totally Tots that has all these cute alphabet crafts we are going to do every letter and hang them in his room.

This afternoon we will be having applesauce for snack and using apples to paint with as well as reading a book about Apples.

Our Garden is Growing

Here are some pics of our garden from yesterday. Our squash is flowering which means a squash should follow soon. Yeah! Our Zinnias are getting ready to flower too.

I think romaine lettuce is the slowest growing thing ever but that will make it taste all that much better right?