Monday, February 4, 2013

Im back

Im back and Im a mom of 2! Right after Christmas I gave birth to a wonderful 7lb 1oz baby boy, via emergency C-section.
   My first pregnancy was full of complications, my blood pressure got high around 26 weeks, I was put on bedrest. I developed gestational diabetes and ultimately ended up having to be induced at 34 weeks and had a 5lb baby who had to spend 16 days in the NICU.
  Needless to say it took me a long time to decide to try and have another child. I didn't want the same problems I had with my first pregnancy so I decided to get healthy before getting pregnant. I was running 6-10 miles a week, eating healthy and was at a healthy weight. My dr gave me to go ahead ot start trying and said the chances of my blood pressure going high were slim.
  A few days after mothers day I got my positive pregnancy test, I was so excited to bring new life into this world. The beginning of my pregnancy was great no big problems, my blood pressure was even low. I didn't even develop gestational diabetes this time.
  At our 18 week ultrasound we found out we were having another boy.
On Dec 23rd I just didn't feel right so i took my blood pressure and it was high. I called my dr and they told me to go to the hospital since it was a Sunday. I had been through this with my first I was pretty sure they would run tests, then send me home on bed rest. Boy was I wrong I got myself admitted to the hospital. They wanted to do a 24 hour test so as much as it sucked i was stuck in the hospital, but i figured once the 24 hour test was over about 8pm on Christmas eve I would be good to go. Unfortunately my blood pressure had different ideas. It would not go down so the dr wouldn't release me on Christmas eve. I made the choice to check myself out against medical advice so I could spend Christmas with my family. The nurses all seemed to understand but the dr was no happy. I had a mellow but dizzy Christmas and checked myself back into the hospital around 5pm Christmas night. to every ones surprise my blood pressure was normal. I thought whooo hooo we solved the problem I will be going home and having a full term pregnancy. My labs showed my potassium levels were really low so they wanted to keep me just to get my levels up. Im not sure why but my body was resistant to getting my levels up, i had 5 IV bags of potassium and it barely got to the normal level. Of course my blood pressure shot back up again so after 5 days in the hospital they decided to go ahead and induce me. I was moved to a beautiful delivery room and given Cervidal. I only had about 2 contractions when my blood pressure shot up to 215/115 so they ordered IV meds and more IV meds and it would not go down. The dr came in and said it was time to do a C-section for mine and the babies safety. I had never been more scared in my life. I had never had a surgery, I wasn't planning on an epidural needles in the back are not appealing to me at all. thank god for a wonderful nurse who calmed me down and eased my fears and a wonderful anesthesiologist who kept me company in the times my fiance wasn't allowed in the room. At 11:11 Alexander was born unfortunately when they showed him to me he was blue and headed to the NICU. He was 36 weeks and 6 days one more hour and he would have been considered full term. His lungs didn't get that memo though. Daddy followed baby and they sewed and stapled me up. After 2 hours in recovery they wheeled my whole stretcher to the NICU so I could see and touch my baby. He was doing good except needing a little oxygen. I was hopefull he would be out by morning.
That night was the longest night I got no sleep because I had those stupid leg pumpers on my legs inflating every minute or so and my blood pressure was being taken every 15 min which I of course failed and the alarm would sound. I was put on magnesium for 24 hours to stop me from having a stroke. Magnesium is the worst drug ever it makes you feel horrible, not to mention I just had major abdominal surgery. After 24 hours I was taken off of it and started to feel better but the pain of a c-section is unbelievable I would take a vaginal birth any day over a c-section. Once I was allowed to get out of bed it was time to concentrate on my little man. Unfortunately I had to leave the hospital without him. Something I had to do with both my kids.. The dr assured me he would not be in there as long as my first. He was right he was released 7 days later.
I think my family is complete it is just to big of a risk on my life to go through another pregnancy. i would love to try to add a little girl to the mix but would never do so with the risk of making my boys motherless.
I would like to thank the wonderful nurses at my hospital. I have a whole new respect for nurses after being put through this ordeal. My nurses and the NICU nurses were all a great support system for not only my physical needs but my emotional needs as well.

Coming home day
 My boys
 My chunky Monkey at one month old.

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