Sunday, September 26, 2010

Elmers and X-acto review

its been a scrappy weekend! Yeah!,elmers and x-acto were kind enough to send me all these cool supplies.
I usually use an ATG gun for my adhesive as I go through so much, it had been a while since I had used a small tape runner. I have to say I LOVE This one!! I have done 5 LO's with it allready and its not even half gone! The glue stick was great too, I used it for some of my smaller paper pieces I was using and it held up great.
The corner puncher is OUTSTANDING! Simple to use, I dont know why but the previous one I had sometimes messed up and left a hard edge. Not this one! I will definetly be buying more of these glues when I run out and looking for more X-acto supplies.

Here is the whole product line:
Here is the 1st LO I used these supplies on. Notice the rounded rounded corners on the picture :)

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