Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby food

With my first son i was so excited to start every new milestone with him. At his 4 month dr app they dr said i could start him on cereal and I did that day in fact. I never made any of his baby food from scratch because I tried apples once, it was a disaster and I purchased all the rest.
With my 2nd child Im doing things much differently. At his 4 month appointment the dr gave me the go ahead but i decided I would take his cues and wait for him to be ready. I did start him a week before 5 months. I also am making his baby food. So far we have made sweet potatos seriously so easy, I put them in the oven when they are tender I peel the skin off and put in a food processor. i then freeze in ice cube trays  and then transfer the cubes to freezer bags taking out what i need each day. i have also made butternut squash the exact same way. Pears was a bit different I had to peel and core then steam them. i steamed them in the microwave then ran through the food processor. All very simple and it makes me feel like super mom feeding my son home made food.
This weekend I will make apples and green beans.
hoping they are just as easy and liked.

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