Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's a super mom kind of day.

Let me start by saying most days I am FAR from super mom. I microwave hotdogs  or a can of Chef Boyardee for dinner more nights than I should. I often make big plans in my head at night for the next day only to do little to none of it the next day. My kids watch more TV than the experts recommend, BUT somedays I pull it all together and have a super mom kind of day. Today has been one of them so far. My oldest is attending a camp, at the Mets Spring Training facility and being coached and helped by real players and real coaches. He is absolutely loving it! Today they had a little scrimmage game and he was up to base at the plate we saw the NY Mets play from a few months ago. He was so happy to be in the dugout and on the field. I was so glad I came early to see the game before pick up.
While the oldest was at baseball camp, the youngest decided it was easier just to sit in the toybox and play than to take the toys out so I printed and planned some summer learning lessons for the oldest. No summer slide for us! I am teaching him cursive and just keeping him sharp on his known math skills and reading comprehension. Along with a few science experiments but those are more fun than learning to him!
Tomorrow I plan on doing something new and fun from my Pintrest board with my youngest... Lets hope tomorrows a Super Mom kind of day too..

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