Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rachael Ray Recipe Review

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make something different for dinner. I am the queen of packaged food and decided I wanted to try and make something my boyfriend would be proud of. So I went on the net and found this recipe from rachael ray's website
the pros: the recipe was easy to follow
my son ate it
my boyfriend ate it
easily makes enough to cook half and freeze the other half for my family of 3
the cons:
i didnt like it :( ok not really it was ok but not something that I would make on a weekly or monthly basis. I would make it when I have my vegetarian mother over I think she would like it. I think that the spinach taste was a little overbearing for me. I was hoping it would taste more like spinach artichoke dip in shells.
All in all its worth the time to make it even if its just to get your kid to eat spinach

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