Sunday, August 30, 2009

This week I will......

Its the start of a new week almost a new month. We are only a few short months from me turning the dreaded 30 EEEK I still have at least 20lbs to lose before then!
We are only a few weeks from vacation YIPPEE.

This week I will

-take a multivitamin everyday! I am so bad about remembering but it does seem to help me feel more energized and full when I take one regularly

-exercise at least 4 times with week. I have been really bad about this lately

-work on fixing my farmers tan

-get back on my lowcarb diet. Yummm chicken breast and salad

1 comment:

ellen s. said...

i am so bad about vitamins too. i make sure my kids take them everyday but me? nope, lol!

hoping to see you over at the cuttlebug birthday bash!