Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working girl again

Well this this is what I will be on for probably around 50 hours this week. thats right its back to being a working girl for me. We are lucky enough to have enough work to need another worker, well with our vacation quickly approaching we decided to have me go out and run the mower and save the money. This means a few things for me:

1. I am going to have a really nice farmers tan
2. I might actually be able to lose the 10lbs I want to lose before vacation since i wont be sitting at home
3. I will have a little bit of money to go out and buy myself some new clothes since when I lose said 10lbs I will HAVE NOTHING that fits me, all my clothes are all ready way to big since I lost 30+ lbs.

Hopefully my boyfriend will be able to finish up his job within 2 weeks and I can resume as a SAHM

anyways I probably wont have anything crafty to share for a bit :( But with CHA being last weekend I am sure I will have alot of things to lust after and share.

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