Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Animal Kingdom

We spent day 2 of our vacation at Animal Kingdom. We were exploring dinosaur land and my aunt sons are dinosaur lovers so she insisted that we go on the ride Dinosaur. I had never been on since I had been forewarned it was very scary especially for young children like SJ, but against my better judgement I decided to go on and take SJ too. Let me tell you people are right this ride is scary! Both SJ and R were scared to death and I have to admit my heart was pumping pretty fast. Neither of the boys wanted to go on again I cant say I blame them.
We of course rode Expedition Everest and it was loved by all, SJ is still about an inch to short to go on it which is a shame because he really wants too. When we were up at the top instead of closing my eyes I actually took a minute to look around and enjoy what you can see from up there, it is pretty incredible.
We of course took the 2 week Kilamanjaro Safari ride this baby giraffe was pretty close to us. And I finally got to see the lion awake. I have been on this ride at least 10 times and never seen him or her awake, this trip they were both awake.
We then found these bats I forget their name but they actually are awake during the day, the cm's had just fed them and they were very active, flying around, eating and cleaning themselves.

We had to leave early due to impending rain and we had a luau to get to for dinner!

Devons Animal Kingdom Must Sees
Kilamanjaro Safari
Lion King Show
Resturant: Tusker House

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mom2andrew&leo said...

I love seeing all of your Disney pictures! How lucky you are to get to take SJ and visit so often!