Monday, February 15, 2010

Hollywood Studios

We only spent 1 day at Disneys Hollywood Studios. The 1st day i arrived.
I love this park I dont know why since there is not a ton to see.
My favorite ride is Toy Story Mania and we always go right there to secure a fast pass for later. This ride is definitely the most popular at Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately I was put in a broken seat and the ride was very boring. If we were not a group of 7 the cm's would have let me back on but I did not want to choose which child could go on again. I have to admit I left with a bad taste in my mouth :( The other members of our group loved the ride and the waiting area is not to be missed it is so cute!
I dont really know how SJ knows about the power rangers but he does and he loves them so when he saw them out meeting people it was a must stop for us. We met the yellow and red rangers this day.
We were going to go back to the hotel for a break but after waiting 30min for a bus we decided to just stay and stick it out. So we found a spot on the curb for the move it shake it parade. Last time we were here it was slightly raining and that made the parade never stop and party so it was pretty lame. This time it stopped and did its fully show! We were by the its a bugs life section. SJ was not shy at all and got out into the street and danced with the performers.

We had dinner at Mama Melrose for the fantasmic dinner package. The food and service were both just ok. not great but not horrible either.
SJ was excited to see Fantasmic! He calls it the show with Mickey and the dragon.
After Fantasmic we fought with the crowds and made our way back to our room where we all fell asleep pretty quickly.

Devons Hollywood Studios Must do's
toy story mania
little mermaid
restaurant 50's primetime cafe
Osborne Spectacle of Lights if you go during christmas season

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