Thursday, February 18, 2010

Epcot Days

We actually spent the next 2 days in Epcot.
We started in test track, SJ rides this ride everytime but hates it every time. R was nervous to get on. Well as expected they both hated the ride. They were both in tears by the time we were to get off, the poor kids who were about to get on looked terrified. They did like looking at the cars in the showroom though. i wanted to bring the CTS and Camero home but I didnt have enough souviener money.
We went to Nemo in the morning and this building was a big hit with the kids. We went to see turtle talk with Crush and SJ got picked 1st. He was so cute talking into the microphone. Crush kept calling him SJ DUDE and he said no Im just SJ not dude. It was funny everyone laughed when we were walking out he said Mommy why were all those people laughing about me?
Crush also chose R to ask a question. R asked him how watered breathed? Ummm crush was just as confused as you are reading this. LOL
We then rode Soarin SJ and my dad LOVE this ride. We ended up riding 3 times in 2 days. Be sure you get a fastpass for this ride, the line can become long very fast.

We went into the countries to look for something to eat but ended up eating in the american pavillion.
We were headed back to the hotel when SJ spotted the character connection and wanted to meet the fab five so we did not to bad 30 min to meet 5 characters. Unfortunetly my camera started acting up and I didnt get any good pictures.
Some shots from the countries

Tuttu Italia dinner Innovations fun
we learned about velcro then got to make a frog to take home for free!

An interactive game in the big ballDevons Epcot Top Picks
-Test Track
-Turtle talk with crush
-dining Tuttu Italia

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